Dalal A. Al-Janaie

Mars Venus Success Coach- Business and Life

Master Franchisee for the Kuwait Territory

Personally trained and certified by Dr. John Gray (author of world best-selling book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) and his team in Mars/Venus philosophies surrounding relationships, life, and business. Dalal is Mars Venus Coaching’s Master Franchisee for Kuwait and a certified Mars Venus business/executive and life success coach.

With a passion for inspiring people to achieve their full potential, she strives to maximize each individual’s inherent strengths and capabilities on their path toward self-awareness and professional improvement. She helps clients recognize and uncover their strengths and reach their dreams like perfecting their personal or professional lives. Dalal mainly works with business owners to help them grow their businesses and own a business which achieves their desired lifestyle instead of a business which is just a job.

In addition to her training at Mars Venus Coaching, Dalal brings almost 10 years experience in the international marketing arena.  She has worked with customers all around the world and understands what it takes to succeed in business.  A Penn State University graduate with an engineering degree, she has also holds two masters degrees, one in engineering and one in business administration (MBA) with a focus in entrepreneurship in Kuwait.

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About Mars Venus

Mars Venus is the global phenomenon founded on the principles of author and speaker, John Gray, Ph.D. His 30 years of experience in the fields of psychology, relationships, communication, personal success, productivity in the workplace, wealth generation, and coaching systems have made this company a world leader in personal and professional coaching.

At Mars Venus Coaching, we provide training programs, workshops, life coaching, and executive coaching services that dramatically enhance personal and organizational performance in the areas of leadership, teamwork, communication, relationships, and life-management skills.

We specialize in presenting and implementing our proven seminars and coaching programs to organizations and individuals, getting results, having fun, empowering people to take action on what they have learned, and providing them with the tools to achieve results far beyond anything they have ever experienced before.

What most sets us apart from other coaching and training companies is that over $50 million has been spent establishing and marketing the Mars Venus brand throughout the world. Research shows that 98% of people are aware of the Mars Venus brand, giving it a strong and credible position in the marketplace.

There is nothing on earth more valuable to an individual’s or an organization’s success than the experience of someone who is already producing the results he or she desires. If you can gain access to world-class leaders and organizations and learn from their experience, you will save years of time, energy, and frustration in your personal and professional life. Our coaches are able to compress decades of experience into days of profound learning and knowledge.

Mars Venus Coaching is a team of totally dedicated, passionate, positive, and resourceful professionals who are united in their purpose to better the lives of those who seek enrichment and balance, consistently inspire and motivate those who strive to succeed, and enhance the vision of those who dare to dream.

So if you are passionate about making a difference in the lives of others and are highly motivated and ambitious, this may just be the unique and powerful opportunity you have been looking for.

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